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Why You Should Consider Dental Implant Surgery in Pefferlaw

If you’ve ever considered dental implant surgery in the Pefferlaw area, it’s time to pay a visit to your dentist. Why suffer the embarrassment of missing teeth when you can have a natural-looking smile?


How Dental Implant Surgery Works

During dental implant surgery, your Pefferlaw dentist will place a small, titanium post where the missing tooth’s root used to be. If more than one tooth is missing, your dentist will add a post for each tooth. This post will act as a root for the replacement tooth. The dental implant is placed on the post and doesn’t need to be supported by any of the neighbouring teeth.


Reasons Why Dental Implant Surgery May Be Right for You

Most of us don’t enjoy the inconvenience and expense of visiting the dentist. A dental implant can last a lifetime as long as you take care of it.


The dental implant is supported by its own metal post instead of adjacent teeth so it doesn’t cause stress or damage to the teeth surrounding it.


Since dental implants fuse with your bone, you don’t have to worry about your tooth slipping out. Unlike with dentures, your tooth stays in place. You also won’t have to clean your implant in a special solution overnight—just brush it like any other tooth.


Leaving empty tooth sockets in your mouth can change the shape of your face, especially if you’re missing more than one tooth. Your face may start to sag where the gap is. Dental implant surgery will help you keep your natural face shape.


Replacing missing teeth isn’t just about keeping your good looks. That empty tooth socket can also lead to your jawbone deteriorating over time. A jawbone that’s not holding a tooth can lose its firmness over time, causing future complications such as drifting teeth and jaw joint issues.


Booking Your Dental Implant Surgery

If you have a family dentist, call and ask about dental implant surgery. If you haven’t been to a dentist in years, it’s time to take your oral health seriously and prevent future mouth pain. Fixing broken teeth and replacing missing teeth is a part of every dentist’s job so there’s no reason to be embarrassed or afraid. The first step is to find a dentist who is accepting new patients and ask if that dentist has experience with dental implant surgery.


If you have just had a tooth knocked out and need emergency dental treatment, visit the closest dentist since there may be a chance to re-implant your tooth. If not, it’s time to consider dental implant surgery.


Your experienced Pefferlaw dentist can explain exactly what will happen during dental implant surgery and show you the steps. Together you can decide if it’s the right procedure to take care of any missing teeth.


Traditional bridgework and dentures aren’t for everyone. Whether you’re worried about the quality of surrounding teeth because of potential bridgework or the embarrassment of having dentures slipping, dental implants are a high-tech, natural-feeling alternative. Visit your Pefferlaw dentist to find out if dental implant surgery is right for you.

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